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MEP National Network Success Stories

The MEP National NetworkTM has over 1080 success stories representing our work with U.S. manufacturers. Find out how MEP Centers in your area have helped thousands of manufacturers improve operations, increase profits, create or maintain jobs, and establish a foundation for long-term business growth and productivity. Centers tailor services to meet critical needs, ranging from process improvement and workforce development to specialized business practices, including supply chain integration, innovation, and technology transfer.

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Client Name Title Report Year Sort ascending Center State Congressional District
FDC Graphic Films 5S Generates $10,000 in Savings to Invest in Workplace Organization 2021 Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE) Nevada 2
Dyna-Mix WVMEP Supports Internal Audit Process for Client 2021 West Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WVMEP) West Virginia 1
Prefere Melamines Prefere Melamines Continues to Improve Critical Customer Relationship 2021 Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP) Massachusetts 1, 2
ThermAvant Technologies THERMAVANT GROWS EFFICIENCY & PROFITABILITY WITH ERP IMPLEMENTATION 2021 Missouri Enterprise Missouri 3, 4, 9
GrovTec US, Inc. Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer Realizes $450,000 In New Sales Due to Increased Capacity 2021 Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership Oregon 3
Sterman Masser Farms Sterman Masser optimizes performance through MRC-led Lean training 2021 Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership Pennsylvania 17
North Carolina Foam Industries-NCFI NCMEP Partner Helps Foam Manufacturer Reach Quality Goals 2021 North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP) North Carolina 5, 6
Dwell and Decor Outdoor LLC Dwell and Decor Continues Improvement with Planned Reduction in Greenhouse Gases 2021 Alabama Technology Network (ATN) Alabama 2, 7
Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing-East, Inc. Continuing Training In Difficult Times 2021 Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Ohio MEP) Ohio 6, 18
National Marker Company TAG! Sign Manufacturer Finds Kaizen is “It” for Transformation And Growth 2021 Polaris MEP Rhode Island 1
The Raymond-Hadley Corporation Manufacturing Efficiency & Flow Improvement 2021 New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP) New York 22, 23, 24
Hearth Products Controls Co. Hearth Products Smart Fire Pit Device 2021 Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Ohio MEP) Ohio 1, 3, 10
Bourn & Koch Machine Tool Co. Machine tool manufacturer converts institutional knowledge into standard work using industry 4.0 technologies and sees improvement in workforce development, efficiencies, and the bottom line 2021 Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) Illinois 16, 17
SGW Designworks, LLC SGW Taps TechHelp Talent Pipeline to Meet Growing Demand 2021 TechHelp Idaho 2
Superior Optical Lab Manufacturability Case Study for Increased Capacity and Cost Reduction for Eyeglass Manufacturer 2021 Mississippi Manufacturers Association Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MMA-MEP) Mississippi 4
Campbell Scientific Inc Campbell Scientific DMAIC 2021 University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP) Center Utah 1
Amasar LLC Amasar Overcomes Need to Avoid Waste and Increase Productivity 2021 Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension Inc. (PRiMEX) Puerto Rico 0
CNOC Outdoors Outdoor apparel manufacturer launches 2 new products 2021 Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership Oregon 3, 5
Metalworks, Inc. ISO certification polishes Metalworks, Inc’s Reputation 2021 Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Nebraska MEP) Nebraska 1
Super Thin Saws Super Thin Saws sharpens their current condition and plans for their future with Value Stream Mapping 2021 Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) Vermont 0
Displaying 1 - 20 of 1177