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Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC)

Montana Manufacturing Extension Center logo

The Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) is a statewide manufacturing outreach and assistance center focused on growing Montana’s economy by helping manufacturers succeed in a nationally and globally competitive environment.  Part of the NIST MEP National Network, we have access to an extensive network of resources throughout Montana and the U.S.  

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, MMEC provides Montana manufacturers with hands-on assistance plus the knowledge and resources needed for growth, innovation and profit enhancement.  Staffed by proven professionals with extensive manufacturing and business experience in a variety of industries, our team can help you achieve positive, measurable, and sustainable growth for your top and bottom line.  Our areas of expertise include product and market development, strategic and exit planning, workforce/talent development, business financials, food safety and processes, quality management, lean manufacturing, supply chain optimization, and many others. 

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Success Stories

Get a Grip: Fiber Reaper and MMEC Partner on Innovative Cable Clamp

Reported Year
Fiber Reaper has made significant progress in the development and testing of its product. However, as a two-person company, the Holms quickly realized that it would be extremely helpful to have support for many of the other tasks related to commercialization, such as developing the supply chain for the clamp components and navigating the patent

MMEC Partners with Plastics Manufacturer to Launch Automation Projects

Reported Year
In 2021, DPI President and Owner Brad Reid was interested in exploring technology options that would allow the company to automate some of its manual, labor intensive processes. Initially, he saw opportunities to automate the loading and unloading of the injection molding machine, as well as the possibility of automating and integrating a manual

Flying High: Drone Manufacturer Navigates Rapid Growth Using Lean and Smart Talent Tools

Reported Year
As product demand increased, Skyfish expanded its workforce to increase production capacity. Management wanted to ensure that the larger number of employees could work safely and efficiently in the existing space. The company also recognized that it needed to improve throughput and reduce rework in order to meet quality and on-time order delivery
Created March 18, 2019, Updated April 2, 2024