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Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)

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The Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) is jointly part of the College of Engineering and Office of Economic Development and Industrial Relations at Iowa State University. CIRAS helps companies grow and prosper.

The CIRAS mission is to improve the quality of life in Iowa by enhancing the performance of industry through applied research, education, and technical assistance. CIRAS has been working with companies in communities across Iowa for more than 50 years, based on a vision that communities are better when they contain prosperous businesses. Because multiple resources are necessary to meet the needs of Iowa companies, CIRAS partners with Iowa's universities, community colleges, government agencies, and business associations throughout the state. Since 1963, CIRAS has provided Iowa manufacturers with the training, tools, and connections needed to accelerate innovation, identify new opportunities in domestic and export markets, and maximize potential. CIRAS services involve providing five main categories of assistance for Iowa businesses: Leadership, Growth, Productivity, Technology, and Workforce.

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Success Stories

Partnerships Help Plas-Tech Grow

Reported Year
Over the last several years Plas-Tech engaged with CIRAS, part of the MEP National Network™, on several projects to build upon their capabilities and capacities in order to position themselves for growth opportunities. With that foundation they were in need of developing a stronger digital presence.

Making Safety a Priority

Reported Year
Jack knew that updating and customizing the company’s existing safety program was the surest way to reduce workplace injuries and accidents. He also knew that CIRAS, part of the MEP National Network™, could connect him with an expert to help him meet his goal.

American Soy Organics Embraces Marketing Development

Reported Year
American Soy Products needed assistance with both marketing strategy development and tactical execution for a new product line. For help they turned to CIRAS, part of the MEP National Network™.
Created March 18, 2019, Updated August 5, 2023