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Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center

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The Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center is a statewide technical assistance, training, and workforce development provider with the purpose of advancing small and medium-sized manufacturers across Alaska. The Center is collocated with the UAA Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) and draws significant support from collaborative programs within BEI.

A representative of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP), the Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center operates under the US Department of Commerce to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness. The Center assists manufacturing businesses by providing them with a range of innovative strategies and solutions. We collaborate with agencies across the state to help Alaska manufacturers improve their competitiveness, performance, and profitability in today’s increasingly demanding global economy. 

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Success Stories

eCommerce Masterclass extended outreach

Reported Year
GC Handrail has the capacity to increase and double its sales and expand the business but needed assistance with further outreach capabilities in the state. For help they turned to Alaska MEP, part of the MEP National Network™.

Chugach Chocolates successfully increased production

Reported Year
Chugach Chocolates purchased a flow packaging machine, which would increase packaging production from 90 bars an hour to up to 90 per minute. However, certain flavors of the bars would not work with their machine, and there was no easy explanation as to why. The thought of locating and engaging a specialist within Alaska that had the specific

Saving Money And Going Green

Reported Year
The Alaska MEP, part of the MEP National Network™ ,was contacted by one of the owners, Jim Michener to see if we could help them engineer a solution to their boiling problem. They need to boil massive amounts of sea water to get down to a highly concentrated solution that they can then carefully make into flaked sea salt. This process is very
Created March 18, 2019, Updated January 26, 2022