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Applied and Computational Mathematics Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Sandy Ressler Division Safety Representative sressler [at] Fed
Ronald F. Boisvert Division Chief ronald.boisvert [at] Fed
Lochi Orr Division Secretary lochi.orr [at] Fed

Computing and Communications Theory Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Ronald F. Boisvert Group Leader (Acting) ronald.boisvert [at] Fed
Lochi Orr Group Office Manager lochi.orr [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Sristy Agrawal sristy.agrawal [at] IntlAssoc
Victor Albert victor.albert [at] Fed
Mohammad Alhejji mohammad.alhejji [at] IntlAssoc
Arik Avagyan arik.avagyan [at] Assoc
Isabel Beichl isabel.beichl [at] Assoc
Sesha Challa sesha.challa [at] IntlAssoc
Nijil Lal Cheriya Koyyottummal nijillal.cheriyakoyyottummal [at] IntlAssoc
Brian D. Cloteaux brian.cloteaux [at] Fed
Matthew Coudron matthew.coudron [at] Fed
Shawn Geller shawn.geller [at] Fed
Thomas Gerrits thomas.gerrits [at] Fed
Scott Glancy scott.glancy [at] Fed
Assane Gueye assane.gueye [at] Assoc
Emanuel Knill emanuel.knill [at] Fed
Paulina Kuo paulina.kuo [at] Fed
Alexander Kwiatkowski alexander.kwiatkowski [at] Fed
Richard La [at] Fed
James F. Lawrence james.lawrence [at] Fed
Navin Lingaraju Assoc
Yi-Kai Liu yi-kai.liu [at] Fed
Lijun Ma [at] Fed
Vladimir Marbukh vladimir.marbukh [at] Fed
Karl Mayer karl.mayer [at] Assoc
Alan Mink alan.mink [at] Assoc
Anouar Rahmouni anouar.rahmouni [at] IntlAssoc
Akshay Seshadri akshay.seshadri [at] IntlAssoc
Yicheng Shi yicheng.shi [at] IntlAssoc
Oliver T. Slattery oliver.slattery [at] Fed
Xiao Tang xiao.tang [at] Assoc
May An van de Poll mayan.vandepoll [at] IntlAssoc
James van Meter james.vanmeter [at] Assoc

Applied and Computational Mathematics - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Ronald F. Boisvert ronald.boisvert [at] Fed
Alfred S. Carasso alfred.carasso [at] Fed
Robert De Jaco robert.dejaco [at] Assoc
Katjana Ladic katjana.ladic [at] IntlAssoc
Elsie (Meliza) Lane elsie.lane [at] Fed
Debasis Mitra debasis.mitra [at] Fed
Lochi Orr lochi.orr [at] Fed
Roldan Pozo roldan.pozo [at] Fed
Kamran Sayrafian kamran.sayrafian [at] Fed
Chris Schanzle christopher.schanzle [at] Fed

Mathematical Analysis and Modeling Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Timothy J. Burns Group Leader timothy.burns [at] Fed
Lochi Orr Administrative Office Assistant (Acting) lochi.orr [at] Fed
Lochi Orr Group Office Manager lochi.orr [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Bradley Alpert bradley.alpert [at] Fed
Daniel M. Anderson daniel.anderson [at] Fed
Prajakta Bedekar prajakta.bedekar [at] IntlAssoc
Timothy J. Burns timothy.burns [at] Fed
Andrew Dienstfrey andrew.dienstfrey [at] Fed
Ryan Evans ryan.evans [at] Fed
Jeffrey T. Fong jeffrey.fong [at] Fed
Zydrunas Gimbutas zydrunas.gimbutas [at] Fed
Zachary Grey zachary.grey [at] Fed
Kaitlyn Hood kaitlyn.hood [at] Assoc
Fern Hunt fern.hunt [at] Assoc
Raghu N. Kacker raghu.kacker [at] Fed
Anthony J. Kearsley anthony.kearsley [at] Fed
Yu Lei Assoc
Rayanne Luke rayanne.luke [at] Assoc
Prof. Michael Mascagni michael.mascagni [at] Fed
Deborah McGlynn deborah.mcglynn [at] Fed
Danielle Middlebrooks danielle.middlebrooks [at] Fed
John Nolan john.p.nolan [at] Fed
Paul Patrone paul.patrone [at] Fed
Florian Potra florian.potra [at] Fed
Matthew Roberts Assoc
Dimitrios Simos IntlAssoc
Vivian Xiao vivian.xiao [at] Assoc

Mathematical Software Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Bonita V. Saunders Group Leader bonita.saunders [at] Fed
Elsie (Meliza) Lane Group Secretary elsie.lane [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Javier Bernal javier.bernal [at] Fed
Joel Bowman joel.bowman [at] Assoc
Raymond Centner Assoc
Howard Cohl howard.cohl [at] Fed
Gunay Dogan gunay.dogan [at] Fed
Michael J. Donahue michael.donahue [at] Fed
Nicolas Douguet Assoc
William Earwood william.earwood [at] Fed
Heman Gharibnejad heman.gharibnejad [at] Assoc
Carole Hall Assoc
Mark-Alexander Henn mark.henn [at] Assoc
Stephen Langer stephen.langer [at] Fed
Daniel Lozier daniel.lozier [at] Assoc
Bruce R. Miller bruce.miller [at] Fed
Camilo Montoya camilo.montoya [at] Fed
Adrianus Olde Daalhuis adrianus.oldedaalhuis [at] IntlAssoc
Jeppe Olsen IntlAssoc
Don Porter donald.porter [at] Fed
Chen Qu chen.qu [at] IntlCtr
Lisa Ritter lisa.ritter [at] Fed
Bonita V. Saunders bonita.saunders [at] Fed
Barry I. Schneider barry.schneider [at] Fed
Ryan Schneider ryan.schneider [at] Assoc
Moritz Schubotz IntlAssoc
Stephen Sorokanich stephen.sorokanich [at] Fed
Abdou S. Youssef abdou.youssef [at] Fed

High Performance Computing and Visualization Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Judith E. Terrill Group Leader judith.terrill [at] Fed
Elsie (Meliza) Lane Group Office Manager elsie.lane [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Harry Chalfin harry.chalfin [at] Assoc
William L. George [at] Fed
Terence J. Griffin terence.griffin [at] Fed
John G. Hagedorn john.hagedorn [at] Assoc
Joseph Liu Assoc
Sandy Ressler sressler [at] Fed
Steven G. Satterfield steven.satterfield [at] Assoc
William Sherman william.sherman [at] Fed
James S. Sims james.sims [at] Assoc
Simon Su [at] Fed
Judith E. Terrill judith.terrill [at] Fed
Joshua Vazquez Correa Assoc
Justyna Zwolak justyna.zwolak [at] Fed