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Alan Mink (Assoc)

Alan Mink is an electronic engineer in the Advanced Networking Division at The National Institute of Standards and Technology. He has also been a lecturer at the University of Maryland, where he taught computer architecture. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering from The University of Maryland. He has worked on projects in the areas of computer aided design, networking, parallel processing, performance measurement, cluster computing, digital TV and quantum communications.

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Experimental Low-Latency Device-Independent Quantum Randomness

Yanbao Zhang, Lynden K. Shalm, Joshua C. Bienfang, Martin J. Stevens, Michael D. Mazurek, Sae Woo Nam, Carlos Abellan, Waldimar Amaya, Morgan Mitchell, Honghao Fu, Carl A. Miller, Alan Mink, Emanuel H. Knill
Applications of randomness such as private key generation and public randomness beacons require small blocks of certified random bits on demand. Device

LDPC Error Correction for Gb/s QKD

Alan Mink, Anastase Nakassis
Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) error correction is a one-way algorithm that has become popular for quantum key distribution (QKD) post-processing. Graphic
Created March 30, 2019, Updated July 11, 2022