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Steven G. Satterfield


Application Creation for an Immersive Virtual Measurement and Analysis Laboratory

Wesley N. Griffin, William L. George, Terence J. Griffin, John G. Hagedorn, Thomas M. Olano, Steven G. Satterfield, James S. Sims, Judith E. Terrill
Content creation for realtime interactive systems is a difficult problem. In game development, content creation pipelines are a major portion of the code base

High Performance Visualization in Science and Research

Tomasz P. Bednarz, John Taylor, Tony Huang, Wesley N. Griffin, Steven G. Satterfield, Judith E. Terrill, John G. Hagedorn
This work showcases four examples of scientific visualizations across various domains of research and science that were prepared at CSIRO in Australia, and NIST

Advancing the materials science of concrete with supercomputers

Jeffrey W. Bullard, Edward J. Garboczi, William L. George, Nicos Martys, Steven G. Satterfield, Judith E. Terrill
Supercomputers are renowned for being used on grand challenge problems like global weather patterns, nuclear device virtual testing, galaxy formation
Created October 9, 2019