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Xiao Tang

Dr. Xiao Tang, supervisory physicist, fellow of the American Physical Society, leads the Quantum communication project in the Applied and Computational Mathematic Division (ACMD) in the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He holds an adjunct professor position at University of Limerick, Ireland.

Xiao joined NIST's ITL in June 1998. Currently, his research interest is focused on quantum communications, specifically, quantum repeaters and quantum networks, which is the nature extension of his previous research of quantum key distribution. Prior to that, he was a group leader managing the research activities of digital data preservation in the Information Storage and Integrated Systems (ISIS) Division. He was a leader of the NIST quantum communication testbed hardware group in 2001.  Before joining NIST, Xiao Tang was a research associate professor in the Materials Science Research Center at Howard University, Washington DC, worked on wide-bandgap semiconductors. In the latter 1980's, he was a deputy director of Pohl Institute of Solid State Physics and an associate professor in the Department of Physics at Tongji University, Shanghai. Before 1985, he was with the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, where he developed the first Chinese semiconductor laser capable of continuously operation at room temperature in early 70’s.

Please visit our Quantum Communication Project Page.

Xiao Tang has published over 100 publications, click here.


For his excellent research work he received the following awards:

Jacob Rabinow Applied Research Award, NIST, 2003.  For outstanding achievements in the practical application of the results of scientific and engineering research.

Bronze Medal, US Department of Commerce, 2005.   For Superior Federal Service in the field of quantum information science.

 R&D 100 Award, R&D Magazine, 2007.   For development of a high-speed fiber-based quantum key distribution system. (This award celebrates the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year.)

Finalist, Innovation in Engineering Award, Institute of Engineering & Technology, Incorporated by Royal Charter, Great Britain, 2007.   For development of a high-speed fiber-based quantum key distribution system.

Silver Medal, US Department of Commerce, 2008.   For technical excellence in the development of the world’s most capable fiber-based quantum systems for secure exchange of cryptographic keys.

Bronze Medal, US Department of Commerce, 2015.   For the development of upconversion single photon detectors and spectrometers for use in quantum information research and measurement science.



A Testbed for Quantum Communication and Quantum Networks

Lijun Ma, Abdella Battou, Xiao Tang, Oliver T. Slattery
The development of Quantum Networks is underway with significant acceleration in in recent years. Meanwhile. quantum scale devices and components such as single
Created July 30, 2019