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Bruce R Miller (Fed)

Bruce R. Miller is Information Technology Editor of the Digital Library of Mathematical Functions and the developer of LaTeXML. He is on the staff of the Mathematical Software Group, within the Applied and Computational Mathematics Division of the Information Technology Laboratory.

He recieved a Ph.D. in experimental physics (Atomic & Molecular) from the University of Texas at Austin in 1983. Exploring the theoretical models corresonding to his experiments inspired a love of symbolic computation. This led to a seeking a Post-Doctoral position at NIST under the amazing Andre Deprit, carrying out research in Celestial Mechanics, Computer Algebra and automated perturbation theory. He has been at NIST ever since.

The advent of the World Wide Web led to new opportunities to increase and exploit mathematical knowledge; yet another flavor of symbolic computation. Current interests Mathematical Knowledge Management; interoperable, semantic representations of mathematics; the Semantic Web; as well as the potential for a global digital mathematical library accessible to all.

Vita  Publications

Current and Recent Activities


  • Outstanding Contribution to ITL (2014)
  • Gold Medal of the Department of Commerce (2011)
  • GCN Outstanding IT Achievement in Government (2011)
  • Silver Medal of the Department of Commerce (1989)
  • Alan Berman Research Publication Award, Naval Research Laboratory (1987)


Scientific Statement Classification over

Bruce R. Miller, Deyan Ginev
We introduce a new classification task for scientific statements and release a large-scale dataset for supervised learning. Our resource is derived from a

RFC: DLMF Content Dictionaries

Bruce R. Miller
This note presents a proposed set of (virtual) OpenMath Content Dictionaries to characterize the mathematical special functions as used in the Digital Library

Strategies for Parallel Markup

Bruce R. Miller
Cross-referenced parallel markup for mathematics allows the combination of both presentation and content representations while associating the components of
Created June 18, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022