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RFC: DLMF Content Dictionaries

Bruce R. Miller
This note presents a proposed set of (virtual) OpenMath Content Dictionaries to characterize the mathematical special functions as used in the Digital Library

Strategies for Parallel Markup

Bruce R. Miller
Cross-referenced parallel markup for mathematics allows the combination of both presentation and content representations while associating the components of

Three Years of DLMF: Web, Math & Search

Bruce R. Miller
DLMF was released to the public in May 2010 and is now completing its 3rd year online. As a somewhat early adopter of large-scale MathML content online, and

LaTeXML 2012 -- A Year of LaTeXML

Deyan Ginev, Bruce R. Miller
LaTeXML, a TeX to XML converter, is being used in a wide range of MKM applications. In this paper, we present a progress report for the 2012 calendar year

The LaTeXML Daemon: Editable Math on the Collaborative Web

Deyan Ginev, Heinrich Stammerjohanns, Bruce R. Miller, Michael Kohlhase
The language of the {\TeX/\LaTeX} typesetting system has become all-pervasive in scientific publications and has proven its stability, convenience and