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Design of a Digital Mathematical Library for Science, Technology and Education



Daniel W. Lozier, Bruce R. Miller, Bonita V. Saunders


The concept of a digital library is of proven worth because of its ability to provide dramatic capabilities that are impossible with traditional print media. We are interested in providing such capabilities for scientific, technical and educational users of mathematical reference data. Thus we must come to grips with such problems as the special difficulties that arise in representing, displaying and manipulating symbolic expressions, numerical data that graphical visualizations in digital formats. Initially, our attention is focused on the highly specialized field of mathematics that is concerned with the properties, application and computation of the elementary and higher mathematical functions. Indeed, calling upon domain experts worldwide for assistance, and National Institute of Standards and Technology is conducting an ambitious project to construct, ab initio, a comprehensive and authoritative web resource on this subject. The development of content is a major focus, together with the need to make effective use of the latest pertinent developments in digital library research. In this paper we describe a prototype Web site that has been constructed to test, evaluate and advance the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions project.
- 6297
Report Number


applied mathematics, digital libraries, mathematical functions, mathematical handbooks, mathematics


Lozier, D. , Miller, B. and Saunders, B. (1999), Design of a Digital Mathematical Library for Science, Technology and Education, - 6297, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, [online], (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created February 26, 1999, Updated October 16, 2008