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Software and Systems Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael D. Indovina Division Safety Representative michael.indovina [at] Fed
Ram D. Sriram Division Chief ram.sriram [at] Fed
Janet E. Madison Division Secretary janet.madison [at] Fed

Cyber Infrastructure Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Barbara Guttman Group Leader (Acting) barbara.guttman [at] Fed
Gayaletchimy Gaya Souppaya Group Secretary gayaletchimy.souppaya [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Spencer Breiner spencer.breiner [at] Fed
Jacob Collard jacob.collard [at] Fed
Frederic de Vaulx frederic.devaulx [at] Assoc
Daniel Filonik daniel.filonik [at] IntlAssoc
Ya-Shian Li-Baboud [at] Fed
John V. Messina john.messina [at] Fed
Sarala Padi sarala.padi [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel Rosiak daniel.rosiak [at] Fed
Mehdi Shahid mehdi.shahid [at] IntlAssoc
Eric Simmon eric.simmon [at] Fed
Gayaletchimy Gaya Souppaya gayaletchimy.souppaya [at] Fed
Eswaran Subrahmanian eswaran.subrahmanian [at] Assoc
Priam Varin priam.varin [at] IntlAssoc

Information Systems Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Walid Keyrouz Group Leader walid.keyrouz [at] Fed
Janet E. Madison Group Office Manager (Acting) janet.madison [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Peter Bajcsy peter.bajcsy [at] Fed
Timothy Blattner timothy.blattner [at] Fed
Hamza Bouhanni hamza.bouhanni [at] IntlAssoc
Antonio Cardone antonio.cardone [at] Fed
Antonio Cardone antonio.cardone [at] Fed
Carina Carino carina.carino [at] Fed
Joe Chalfoun joe.chalfoun [at] Fed
Sarra Chouder sarra.chouder [at] IntlCtr
Philippe Dessauw philippe.dessauw [at] Assoc
Alden A. Dima alden.dima [at] Fed
Ethan Fang ethan.fang [at] Fed
Daksh Gautam daksh.gautam [at] Assoc
Amuwala Ashira Jayaweera amuwalaashira.jayaweera [at] IntlAssoc
Derek Juba derek.juba [at] Fed
Walid Keyrouz walid.keyrouz [at] Fed
Timothee Kheyrkhah timothee.kheyrkhah [at] IntlCtr
Timothy Lau timothy.lau [at] Fed
Jane Liu jane.liu [at] Fed
Benjamin Long benjamin.long [at] Fed
Michael Paul Majurski michael.majurski [at] Fed
Adele Peskin adele.peskin [at] Fed
Vasilisa Ponomarenko vasilisa.ponomarenko [at] Fed
Xiaowen Qi xiaowen.qi [at] IntlAssoc
Grace Ruei grace.ruei [at] Fed
Oishy Saha oishy.saha [at] IntlAssoc
Pushkar Sathe pushkar.sathe [at] IntlCtr
Nitish Shingde nitish.shingde [at] IntlAssoc
Mylene Simon mylene.simon [at] Assoc
Guillaume Sousa Amaral guillaume.sousa [at] Assoc
Tejaswi Tammareddy tejaswi.tammareddy [at] IntlAssoc
Joel Varun Vasanth joelvarun.vasanth [at] IntlAssoc
Millie Vyas millie.vyas [at] Assoc

Software and Systems - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Janet E. Madison janet.madison [at] Fed
John Penczek john.penczek [at] Assoc
Mala Ramaiah mala.ramaiah [at] Assoc
Ram D. Sriram ram.sriram [at] Fed

Software Quality Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Barbara Guttman Group Leader barbara.guttman [at] Fed
Emma Natal Group Secretary emma.natal [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Kayden Ayers kayden.ayers [at] Assoc
Richard Ayers richard.ayers [at] Fed
Paul E. Black [at] Fed
Erika Blanco [at] Ctr
Irena Bojanova irena.bojanova [at] Fed
Mary C. Brady mary.brady [at] Ctr
Aurelien Delaitre aurelien.delaitre [at] Fed
David W. Flater david.flater [at] Fed
Simson Garfinkel Assoc
Alex Gordon alex.n.gordon [at] Ctr
Barbara Guttman barbara.guttman [at] Fed
Brandon Keller brandon.keller [at] Fed
Mary T. Laamanen mary.laamanen [at] Fed
Sonia Lin Assoc
James R. Lyle james.lyle [at] Fed
Zineb Maasaoui zineb.maasaoui [at] IntlAssoc
Maxwell Messina maxwell.messina [at] Assoc
Hialo Muniz Carvalho hialo.munizcarvalho [at] IntlAssoc
Emma Natal emma.natal [at] Fed
Vadim Okun vadim.okun [at] Fed
Jungheum Park IntlAssoc
Eduard Pinconschi IntlAssoc
Jenise Reyes Rodriguez jenise.reyes [at] Fed
Liliana Rodriguez liliana.rodriguez [at] Fed
Craig Russell craig.russell [at] Fed
Austin Snelick austin.snelick [at] Fed
Tracy Walraven Ctr
Douglas R. White douglas.white [at] Fed

Systems Interoperability Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John J. Garguilo Group Leader john.garguilo [at] Fed
Janet E. Madison Group Office Manager janet.madison [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Youssef Bouij youssef.bouij [at] IntlAssoc
Nicolas Crouzier nicolas.crouzier [at] Ctr
Abdelghani El Ouakili abdelghani.elouakili [at] Assoc
Michael Faughn michael.faughn [at] Fed
John J. Garguilo john.garguilo [at] Fed
Clement Hennequin clement.hennequin [at] IntlAssoc
Michael D. Indovina michael.indovina [at] Fed
Andrew B. McCaffrey andrew.mccaffrey [at] Fed
Ismail Mellouli ismail.mellouli [at] IntlAssoc
Caroline Rosin caroline.rosin [at] Fed
Robert D. Snelick robert.snelick [at] Fed
Hossam Tamri hossam.tamri [at] Assoc
Sheryl Taylor sheryl.taylor [at] Fed