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Paul E. Black (Fed)

Computer Scientist

Dr. Black has nearly 20 years of industrial experience in areas such as developing software for IC design and verification, assuring software quality, and managing business data processing. He is in the Software Quality Group, Systems and Software Division, Information Technology Laboratory. The web site he began and edits, the on-line Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures, ( was accessed almost 20,000 times a day from all over the world.

Dr. Black began his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, then transferred to Brigham Young University where he graduated in 1998. He has taught classes at Brigham Young University and Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Black has published in the areas of static analysis, software testing, software configuration control, networks and queuing analysis, formal methods, software verification, quantum computing, and computer forensics.

Software/Hardware Experience: 

Programming Languages: Python, C, Perl, Java, Pascal, C++, ML, Lisp, Fortran, RPG II, Assembler, and Forth
Operating Systems: Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and VAX/VMS
Computers: Intel, Sun, DEC VAX, and IBM System 3


For a complete listing of Dr. Black's publications, see:

Professional Societies:


U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for developing a series of outstanding technical guidelines addressing critical cybersecurity needs prioritized by the White House, December 2017.

U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for leadership in the development of software assurance test methods and reference data, December 2013.

Best Project Chief Certificate for extensive knowledge, hard work, and loyalty to the team members of SAMATE, September 2006.

ITL Outstanding Authorship Award in recognition of his publication, "Quantum Computing and Communications", September 2003.


SATE VI Report: Bug Injection and Collection

Aurelien Delaitre, Paul E. Black, Damien Cupif, Guillaume Haben, Loembe Alex-Kevin, Vadim Okun, Yann Prono, Aurelien Delaitre
The SATE VI report presents the results of a security-focused bug finding evaluation exercise carried out from 2018 to 2023 on various code bases using static

Impact of Code Complexity On Software Analysis

Charles D. De Oliveira, Elizabeth Fong, Paul E. Black
The Software Assurance Metrics and Tool Evaluation (SAMATE) team studied thousands of warnings from static analyzers. Tools have difficulty distinguishing
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022