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Douglas R. White

Computer Scientist

Douglas White leads the National Software Reference Library project for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Doug has worked at NIST since 1987. His experience has covered distributed systems, distributed databases and telecommunication protocols, real time biomonitoring, real time video processing, system administration and network monitoring. He holds both a B.A and M.S. in computer science from Hood College.


Dept. of Commerce Silver Medal, 2005.



Inferring previously uninstalled applications from digital traces

Jim Jones, Tahir Kahn, Kathryn B. Laskey, Alexander J. Nelson, Mary T. Laamanen, Douglas R. White
In this paper, we present an approach and experimental results to suggest the past presence of an application after the application has been uninstalled and the

Approximate Matching: Definition and Terminology

Frank Breitinger, Barbara Guttman, Michael McCarrin, Vassil Roussev, Douglas R. White
This document provides a definition of and terminology for approximate matching. Approximate matching is a promising technology designed to identify
Created October 9, 2019