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Systems Interoperability Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John J. Garguilo Group Leader john.garguilo [at] Fed
Janet E. Madison Group Office Manager janet.madison [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Youssef Bouij youssef.bouij [at] IntlAssoc
Nicolas Crouzier nicolas.crouzier [at] Ctr
Abdelghani El Ouakili abdelghani.elouakili [at] Assoc
Michael Faughn michael.faughn [at] Fed
John J. Garguilo john.garguilo [at] Fed
Clement Hennequin clement.hennequin [at] IntlAssoc
Michael D. Indovina michael.indovina [at] Fed
Andrew B. McCaffrey andrew.mccaffrey [at] Fed
Ismail Mellouli ismail.mellouli [at] IntlAssoc
Caroline Rosin caroline.rosin [at] Fed
Robert D. Snelick robert.snelick [at] Fed
Hossam Tamri hossam.tamri [at] Assoc
Sheryl Taylor sheryl.taylor [at] Fed