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Walid Keyrouz (Fed)


Characterization of AI Model Configurations For Model Reuse

Peter Bajcsy, Daniel Gao, Michael Paul Majurski, Thomas Cleveland, Manuel Carrasco, Michael Buschmann, Walid Keyrouz
With the widespread creation of artificial intelligence (AI) models in biosciences, bio-medical researchers are reusing trained AI models from other

Trojan Detection Evaluation: Finding Hidden Behavior in AI Models

Michael Paul Majurski, Derek Juba, Timothy Blattner, Peter Bajcsy, Walid Keyrouz
Neural Networks are trained on data, learn relationships in that data, and then are deployed to the world to operate on new data. For example, a traffic sign

Geometry Entrapment in Walk-on-Subdomains

Walid Keyrouz, Preston Hamlin, W. J. Thrasher, Michael V. Mascagni
One method of computing the electrostatic energy of a biomolecule in a solution combines the Walk-On-Spheres and Walk-On-Subdomains Monte Carlo algorithms. In
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022