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Irena Bojanova (Fed)

Computer Scientist

Irena Bojanova is the lead of the Bugs Framework (BF) project ( Previously she was a program chair at UMUC, an academic director at JHU-CTY, and a co-founder of OBS Ltd. (now CSC Bulgaria). She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics/ Computer Science from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1991. Irena serves as EIC of IEEE IT Professional magazine, co-chair of IEEE RS IoT TC and founding member of IEEE TSC on Big Data. She was the founding chair of IEEE CS Cloud Computing STC, EIC of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, Committee on Integrity Chair and a Member at Large of IEEE CS Publications Board.


Classifying Memory Bugs Using Bugs Framework Approach

Irena Bojanova, Carlos Galhardo
In this work, we present an orthogonal classification of memory corruption bugs, allowing precise structured descriptions of related software vulnerabilities

A Decade of Reoccurring Software Weaknesses

Assane Gueye, Carlos Galhardo, Irena Bojanova, Peter Mell
The Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) community publishes an aggregate metric to calculate the 'Most Dangerous Software Errors.' However, the used equation
Created October 23, 2018, Updated July 11, 2022