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Comprehensively Labeled Weakness and Vulnerability Datasets via Unambiguous Formal Bugs Framework (BF) Specifications



Irena Bojanova


The current state of the art in software security -- describing weaknesses as CWEs, vulnerabilities as CVEs, and labeling CVEs with CWEs -- is not keeping up with the modern cybersecurity research and application requirements for comprehensively labeled datasets. As a formal classification system of software security bugs, faults, and weaknesses enabling unambiguous specification of vulnerabilities, the NIST Bugs Framework (BF) offers a prominent new approach towards systematic creation of labeled with the BF taxonomy datasets. This work presents methodologies based on BF and tools for comprehensive labeling of common weakness types (including CWEs) and publicly disclosed vulnerabilities (including CVEs). The BFCWE tool facilitates generation of unambiguous formal BF weakness specifications as entries of a comprehensively labeled BFCWE dataset. The BFCVE tool generates a comprehensively pre-labeled vulnerability dataset further refined via code analysis. Via a rich GUI it also guides the creation of unambiguous formal BF specifications as entries of a comprehensively labeled BFCVE dataset. The developed taxonomic datasets, transformation algorithms, databases, and queries can benefit the implementation of a new range of software testing, bug detection, test-case generation, and weakness/vulnerability specification generation tools.
IEEE IT Professional


Bug, Bug Classification, Bug Detection, Bug Taxonomy, Cybersecurity, Generation Tool, Labeled Dataset, Software Bug, Security Failure, Software Testing, Software Vulnerability, Software Weakness, Test-Case Generation, Vulnerability Dataset, Weakness Dataset.


Bojanova, I. (2024), Comprehensively Labeled Weakness and Vulnerability Datasets via Unambiguous Formal Bugs Framework (BF) Specifications, IEEE IT Professional, [online],, (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created January 20, 2024, Updated March 26, 2024