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Information Systems Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Walid Keyrouz Group Leader walid.keyrouz [at] Fed
Janet E. Madison Group Office Manager (Acting) janet.madison [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Peter Bajcsy peter.bajcsy [at] Fed
Todd Baldwin todd.baldwin [at] Fed
Alexandre Bardakoff alexandre.bardakoff [at] IntlAssoc
Nizar Benmohamed nizar.benmohamed [at] Assoc
Timothy Blattner timothy.blattner [at] Fed
Hamza Bouhanni hamza.bouhanni [at] IntlAssoc
Antonio Cardone antonio.cardone [at] Fed
Carina Carino carina.carino [at] Assoc
Joe Chalfoun joe.chalfoun [at] Fed
Sarra Chouder sarra.chouder [at] IntlCtr
Stanley Conklin stanley.conklin [at] Assoc
Philippe Dessauw philippe.dessauw [at] Assoc
Alden A. Dima alden.dima [at] Fed
Ethan Fang ethan.fang [at] Fed
Fenfei Guo IntlAssoc
Vidhata Jayaraman vidhata.jayaraman [at] Assoc
Amuwala Ashira Jayaweera amuwalaashira.jayaweera [at] IntlAssoc
Derek Juba derek.juba [at] Fed
Walid Keyrouz walid.keyrouz [at] Fed
Timothee Kheyrkhah timothee.kheyrkhah [at] IntlCtr
Timothy Lau timothy.lau [at] Fed
Yaesop Lee yaesop.lee [at] IntlAssoc
Chenyi Ling chenyi.ling [at] Fed
Benjamin Long benjamin.long [at] Fed
Michael Paul Majurski michael.majurski [at] Fed
Favour Okonkwo favour.okonkwo [at] IntlAssoc
Adele Peskin adele.peskin [at] Fed
Vasilisa Ponomarenko vasilisa.ponomarenko [at] Fed
Grace Ruei grace.ruei [at] Fed
Pushkar Sathe pushkar.sathe [at] IntlCtr
Nitish Shingde nitish.shingde [at] IntlAssoc
Mylene Simon mylene.simon [at] Assoc
Guillaume Sousa Amaral guillaume.sousa [at] IntlAssoc
Tejaswi Tammareddy tejaswi.tammareddy [at] IntlAssoc
Ryan Trask ryan.trask [at] Assoc
Patricia Wilburg patricia.wilburg [at] Fed