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Antonio Cardone (Fed)

Antonio Cardone earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland, College Park in 2005. Shortly after he joined the National Institute of Standards and Technology as Research Associate. Since 2010 Dr. Cardone is also a Research Scientist for the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of  Maryland. His research is funded by a NIST Research Grant, on which he is Principal Investigator. Dr. Cardone’s research interests are computational geometry, image processing and CAD/CAM with application in bioinformatics, material science and engineering design. He is currently working on Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics computer models and simulations for molecular binding prediction and measurements with application in computer-aided drug design and nanomaterial design. Dr. Cardone is also working on image analysis techniques for automated texture directionality detection, with aplication to cell mineralization studies. Part of Dr. Cardone’s work is carried out in collaboration with scientists at the Neuronal Cytoskeletal Protein Regulation Section of the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Strokes.


3D Cellular Morphotyping of Cell Niches

Stephen J. Florczyk, Mylene H. Simon, Derek Juba, Patrick S. Pine, Sumona Sarkar, Desu Chen, Paula J. Baker, Subhadip Bodhak, Antonio Cardone, Mary C. Brady, Peter Bajcsy, Carl G. Simon Jr.
Three-dimensional (3D) cellular morphotyping is introduced for assessing and comparing the niches provided by biomaterial scaffolds. Many scaffold systems have
Created September 14, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021