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Software Quality Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Barbara Guttman Group Leader barbara.guttman [at] Fed
Emma Natal Group Secretary emma.natal [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Kayden Ayers kayden.ayers [at] Assoc
Richard Ayers richard.ayers [at] Fed
Paul E. Black [at] Fed
Erika Blanco [at] Ctr
Irena Bojanova irena.bojanova [at] Fed
Mary C. Brady mary.brady [at] Ctr
Aurelien Delaitre aurelien.delaitre [at] Assoc
David W. Flater david.flater [at] Fed
Simson Garfinkel simson.garfinkel [at] Assoc
Alex Gordon alex.n.gordon [at] Ctr
Barbara Guttman barbara.guttman [at] Fed
Mary T. Laamanen mary.laamanen [at] Fed
James R. Lyle james.lyle [at] Fed
Zineb Maasaoui zineb.maasaoui [at] IntlAssoc
Maxwell Messina maxwell.messina [at] Assoc
Hialo Muniz Carvalho hialo.munizcarvalho [at] IntlAssoc
Farhan Nadeem farhan.nadeem [at] Fed
Emma Natal emma.natal [at] Fed
Vadim Okun vadim.okun [at] Fed
Jungheum Park jungheum.park [at] IntlAssoc
Jenise Reyes Rodriguez jenise.reyes [at] Fed
Craig Russell craig.russell [at] Fed
Austin Snelick austin.snelick [at] Fed
Alexandra Soukhoveev alexandra.soukhoveev [at] Assoc
Douglas R. White douglas.white [at] Fed