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Software Quality Group

The Software Quality Group develops tools, methods, and related models for improving the process of ensuring that software behaves correctly and for identifying software defects, thus helping industry improve the quality of software development and maintenance.


News and Updates


Labeling Software Security Vulnerabilities - Poster

Irena Bojanova, John Guerrerio
Motivation: Crucial need for systematic comprehensive labeling of the more than 228 000 publicly disclosed cybersecurity CVE vulnerabilities to enable advances

Bugs Framework (BF) - Poster

Irena Bojanova
Motivation: Crucial need of a formal classification system allowing unambiguous specification of software security bugs and weaknesses, and the vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Test Suite Generator (VTSG) Version 3

Paul E. Black, William Mentzer, Elizabeth Fong, Bertrand Stivalet
The Vulnerability Test Suite Generator (VTSG) Version 3 can create vast numbers of synthetic programs with and without specific flaws or vulnerabilities. Such



Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool, unravel. This tool can assist evaluation of high integrity software by using program slices to extract


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