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Probe assisted localized doping of aluminum into silicon substrates

Jungjoon Ahn, Santiago D. Solares, Lin You, Hanaul Noh, Joseph J. Kopanski, Yaw S. Obeng
In this paper, we demonstrate AFM probe assisted deterministic doping (PADD) of Al into an n- type Si (100) wafer, to generate nanoscale counter-doped junctions

Rapid and Accurate C-V Measurements

Jihong Kim, Pragya R. Shrestha, Jason P. Campbell, Jason T. Ryan, David M. Nminibapiel, Joseph J. Kopanski, Kin P. Cheung
We report a new technique for the rapid measurement of full capacitance-voltage (C-V) characteristic curves. The displacement current from a 100 MHz applied

Scanning Probe Microscopes for Subsurface Imaging

Joseph J. Kopanski, Lin You, Jungjoon Ahn, Emily Hitz, Yaw S. Obeng
Scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) have some ability to image sub-surface structures. This paper describes the theoretical and practical basis for imaging metal

Calibration Techniques for Scanning Microwave Microscopy

Thomas M. Wallis, Atif A. Imtiaz, Alexandra Curtin, Pavel Kabos, H. P. Huber, Joseph J. Kopanski, F. Kienberger
Two techniques are described for calibrating a scanning microwave microscope (SMM). The first technique enables spatially-resolved absolute capacitance