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Subsurface imaging of biased structures with electrostatic force microscopy (EFM)



Lin You, Yaw S. Obeng, Joseph J. Kopanski


In subsurface imaging applications, contrast in EFM depends on the electrostatic force between the tip and sample. In the related technique, scanning Kelvin force microscopy (SKFM) contrast arises from the force due to capacitance gradient with tip-to-sample distance (dC/dz). These measured quantities arise from variations in sample dielectric constant, any charge accumulated on subsurface structures, and subsurface variations in conductivity. Our technique allows us to independently bias the subsurface structures and thereby, separate the effect of buried charge and capacitance gradient.
Proceedings Title
Meeting Program of the 2018 Materials Research Society Meeting
Conference Dates
April 2-6, 2018
Conference Location
Phoenix, AZ
Conference Title
2018 Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society


EFM, electrostatic force microscopy, subsurface imaging
Created April 2, 2018, Updated September 26, 2018