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Education Resources on the Metric System (SI)

This collection of resources can be used to enrich classroom curriculum and reinforce student learning. These resources are helpful to students as they become familiar with the metric system and learn more about SI basics. This site has numerous educational materials published by NIST that can be downloaded and freely reproduced. Contact the NIST Metric Program regarding handouts available in bulk so that each student can receive a copy, such as NIST SP 365, a laminated Metric Conversion Card, which has an 8 cm rule on one edge.


SI Teachers Kit: Obtain a free set of metric education resources for your classroom by contacting (include your name, school, subject, grade level, phone number, and mailing address).

FAQ: How do I get a metric ruler?

Metric rulers are available from many retail vendors, which can be identified by using search terms such as "metric rule," "meter stick," or "metric stick." Printable rulers such as the centimeter Color-square rules, can be color printed on to overhead transparency sheets to make inexpensive metric rulers. You may also be interested in similar printable teaching aids that create a liter cube or a cubic decimeter box, which are easily constructed using cardstock.

National Position Statements and Resolutions. Metric system (SI) knowledge, skills, and abilities are critical education element and measurement science is essential for Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers. Learn more about U.S. professional education organization positions on teaching the SI.

NIST Metric Pyramid - LC 1140 - PDF

Learning the SI? Keep common SI symbols and conversion factors on your desk. Using card stock paper, print out the easy to construct three-dimensional NIST metric pyramid! The pyramid has a list of the metric symbols, and conversion factors for area, temperature, length, and mass.(Great for students and teachers alike)

NIST Children's Activity Cards - PDF

A sheet of printable activity cards that the children can imprint with their name, height, and weight in metric units. (Print off a master copy on A4 paper to replicate as needed. Cut the cards apart at the indicated crop lines.)

NIST Bookmark - PDF

A sheet of printable ruled bookmarks with visual references to metric measurement units. (Print off two master copies on A4 paper to replicate as needed, photo copy them back-to-back, and cut them at the indicated crop lines.)

Presidents and Measurements

Presidents' Day is a national holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February and is as a day where all U.S. presidents are remembered and honored. Enjoy the holiday by exploring these measurement education resources. Read More.

League of SI Superheroes

This comic book-style video animation series has been developed to help middle school students learn about the 7 SI base measurement units. Videos are available on the NIST YouTube Channel.

SI Measurement System Chart - SP 304A (2017)

Color (PDF)
Black & White(PDF)

This publication is a colorful chart explaining the 7 base units of the SI (International System of Units) and prefix symbols, featuring the Measurement League: Guardians of the SI. The Measurement League are superheroes dedicated to the fight against uncertainty, imprecision, and inaccuracy and to improving the quality of our lives and the things we build. Submit hardcopy requests to print a copy (select “print to fit”). Original dimensions: 279 mm by 432 mm (11 in by 17 in).

Leader's Guide for Conducting a Metric Usage Seminar - PDF

This document was created by the U.S. Metric Board with the purpose of providing background and tools to conduct a metric usage seminar based on hands-on learning opportunities for the participants. The seminar consists of background on the metric system, learning metric terms, and practicing making metric measurements. The exercises are designed to help people learn to "think metric" in their daily lives.

A Dictionary of Units of Measurement

This site goes beyond the standard definitions of units. The site has good depth on the use of metric unit prefixes, how to write them, and symbols and abbreviations. There is also a history of U.S. measurement and information on other measurement units.

Measurement in Sport

Measurements are essential to ensuring fairness in sports. SI measurements are used on everything from keeping accurate event times, the correct pressure of sports balls, and measuring competition distances. Learn how measurement plays a big part in providing a level playing field for all athletes.

NIST Summer Institute for Middle School Science Teachers
  • A two-week workshop for middle school science and math teachers featuring hands-on activities, lectures, tours, and visits with NIST scientists and engineers in their laboratories.
  • U.S. Metric Association-Blake Family Foundation Metric Awards. The U.S. Metric Association (USMA) has partnered with the Blake Family Foundation to offer two awards to increase awareness and usage of the International System of Units (SI) in the United States. Applicants are asked to explain their efforts to promote the SI in the United States.


Created January 13, 2010, Updated February 17, 2021