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Metric Children’s Activity Card

Black and White graphic.  Left side has black images of scales, rulers, SI logo.  Right side has white images on black background of same items.  The middle of image has a gray cirle with EDUCATION in black letters.


Keywords: SI, metric, kilogram, meter, Celsius, height, ruler
Audience: Students, Parents, Educators, General Public, Technology Coordinators, Outreach Ambassadors
Grade Level:  3 to 8
Subjects: STEM, mathematics, physical science, earth science, environmental science


Printable metric card with NIST logo, and fill in the blank paragraph, contact information for NIST Metric Program, 8 cm ruler image
Credit: NIST



This resource provides a printable metric card, which has unit blanks to be completed. Each card also contains an 8 cm ruler which may be used as a measurement reference. This resource is to be printed on Tabloid/Ledger paper of size 279.4 mm x 431.8 mm (11 in x 17 in), which will provide seven cards to be cut out and distributed. This resource is an interactive method to engage students in metric units and measures. Caution: The ruler edge will not be accurate if other paper sizes are used.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand metric units of measure
  • Learn metric unit references
  • Develop metric length estimation


  • Digital file
  • Tabloid/Ledger paper of size 279.4 mm x 431.8 mm (11 in x 17 in)
  • Printer
  • Scissors


Use caution when handling paper edges and scissors to prevent injury.

Teaching Tips

Explain the metric units of measure on each card. Providing students with an interactive resource to learn metric measures should aid metric learning.

Classroom Connections

Additional Resources


Created July 13, 2022, Updated January 16, 2024