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Superhero Coloring Pages

Download coloring pages for our SI Superheroes.


Ms. Ampere flies with lightning bolts coming out of her hands.


Candela has wings and is holding up a candle.

Download the Ms. Ampere coloring sheet.

Download the Candela coloring sheet.



Dr. Kelvin holds a large thermometer and has flame in the palm of his hand.


Monsieur Kilogram has kilogram-sized weights hovering over both his fists.

Download the Dr. Kelvin coloring sheet.

Download the Monsieur Kilogram coloring sheet.



Meter Man has rulers for arms.


The Mole is holding a flask and peering at it through a monocle.

Download the Meter Man coloring sheet.

Download the Mole coloring sheet.



Professor Second is running with her hair flying in the wind.


Major Uncertainty is a shifty-looking octopus holding a wrench.

Download the Professor Second coloring sheet.

Download the Major Uncertainty coloring sheet.


Created August 2, 2018, Updated August 31, 2022