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Area and Volume

Become familiar with methods used to calculate two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.

Calculate Circumference, Area and Volume

TIP: Express all dimensions in terms of the same unit - for example, in terms of meter. A computed area will then be in terms of the square of the dimensional unit used - for example, square meter (m2) - and a computed volume will be in terms of the cube of the dimensional unit used - for example, cubic meter (m3).

  • Circumference of circle: 3.1416 × diameter.
  • Area of circle: 0.7854 × diameter × diameter.
  • Area of rectangle: Length × width.
  • Capacity of rectangular bin: Length × width × depth.
  • Volume of cylinder: 0.7854 × diameter × diameter × height.
  • Approximate capacity of container having sloping sides:  vertical height × one-half the sum of top area and bottom area.

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Created February 17, 2021, Updated August 16, 2021