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The Story of an Old Timer: Out of Room (part 2)

exciters and amplifiers
Exciters and 30 kW power amplifier

In January 1931 WWV was moved to a field station at College Park, Maryland, northeast of Washington. WWV was only there for two years and was then moved to Beltsville in January of 1933.

They took over and renovated an existing house and installed a new 30 kW 5 MHz transmitter and increased stability to 8 x 108.

In February 1935 they added a 10 and 15 MHz transmission at 20 kW each.

In August of 1936 they added a 440 Hz tone (A above middle C).

In June of 1937 they added one second pulses at 1 kHz tones.

In March of 1939 they added a 20 kHz broadcast.


field station
This is the very small WWV transmitter building.
field station equipment
A 50 kHz 1 kW transmitter, a multifrequency transmitter and a temperature controlled cabinet holding three 200 kHz crystal oscillators which gave approximately 1 x 107 stability held at the College Park field station.
Beltsville house
Existing house renovated to be a field station


Created March 28, 2017, Updated August 16, 2022