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The Story of an Old Timer: Dr. Austin

Louis Winslow Austin

In 1904, Dr. Stratton hired Louis Austin, an unpaid guest worker, for the first four years (although some indication was given that he was receiving funding from a wireless telegraph company).

In fact, in Dr. Austin's 28 year career at the Bureau he was never paid by NBS. The Navy paid his salary from 1908-1923 and he was paid by various other agencies until his death in 1932.

I guess it is fair to say he was the originator of "OA"* funding. A practice we are all too familiar with.

It didn't take him long. In less than a year, in 1905, Dr. Austin published the first Bureau paper on wireless, titled "Detector for small antenna currents and electrical waves" Scientific paper #22 Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards. He went on to publish over 70 papers on the subject.

*OA = other agency funding

Created February 28, 2017, Updated August 16, 2022