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The Story of an Old Timer: Frederick Kolster

Then in 1911, Dr. Stratton hired Frederick Kolster. Dr. Kolster had been working with Lee DeForest on Electron Tube technology. So the stage was set ... except for a location ...

In 1913, the Radio Laboratory section was created, with Dr. Kolster as the head. The "Radio Section" as it was called was housed in the West Building (seen below) with the Army Signal Corps on the third floor. The East Building housed the Navy. Both buildings were under the Electricity Department headed by Eugene Crittenden.

Dr. Crittenden would become the Division Chief of the "Radio Section" in 1921 and remain until it was renamed the Central Radio Propagation Laboratory (CRPL) in May of 1946.

Frederick A. Kolster
Credit: Copyright, American Press Association
west building
Created February 28, 2017, Updated August 16, 2022