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The Multi-Agency Tissue Engineering Science (MATES), a longstanding means by which Federal agencies involved in tissue engineering stay informed of each other’s activities and coordinate their efforts. MATES members coordinate efforts related to cell therapy, gene therapy, biomaterials, tissue engineering, organ on a chip from R&D to commercialization.

Learn more about MATES Activities and Participating Agencies.


  • Facilitate communication across departments/agencies by regular information exchanges and a common web site.
  • Enhance cooperation through co-sponsorship of scientific meetings and workshops.
  • Monitor technology by undertaking cooperative assessments of the status of the field.
  • Provide support for tissue engineering research through interagency funding opportunity announcements.
  • Foster technology transfer and translation of research advances into practical applications.
  • Promote the formulation and use of standards for both research tools and product development.


Originally established under the auspices of the Subcommittee on Biotechnology of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in 2000, MATES provided a platform where member agencies could interact and exchange information on tissue engineering efficiently and effectively. It was also a means by which Federal agencies involved in tissue engineering stayed informed of each other's activities and coordinated their efforts in a timely and efficient manner. Since 2007, MATES has operated as an ad hoc Interagency Working Group that continues with its original mission. MATES coordination has played an integral role in the creation of two Manufacturing USA Institutes: NIIMBL and BioFabUSA.   

MATES History

Disclaimer: NIST is a member of MATES and hosts the MATES website as a part of its contribution to this ad hoc interagency working group.


Division Chief

Created March 12, 2020