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A photo of a magnifying glass highlighting a circuit board
Credit: Adobe Stock

The Department of Commerce, NIST, and other agencies have engaged with members of the semiconductor community for their thoughts about manufacturing chips in the U.S. The following publications represent the voices of manufacturers; suppliers of materials, equipment and instruments; and researchers and others. 

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (2022) Incentives, Infrastructure, and Research and Development Needs to Support a Strong Domestic Semiconductor Industry: Summary of Responses to Request for Information. (Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.), NIST Special Publication (SP) NIST SP 1282.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (2022) Strategic Opportunities for U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing: Facilitating U.S. Leadership and Competitiveness through Advancements in Measurements and Standards. (Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.).
  • U.S. Department of Commerce blog post: Results from Semiconductor Supply Chain Request for Information. (January 25, 2022)

The CHIPS for America outreach to the semiconductor community is ongoing; Check back for additional reports and sign up for updates from the CHIPS for America Program Office. 

Created November 15, 2022, Updated February 25, 2023