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The top box says current workflow below is a picture of a sample bag with the words hair sample and an arrow then to a box with test tubes and the words protein extraction under them. An arrow from that photo with blue lines on paper showing the electrophoresis results of the separated proteins and the words SDS-Page. An arrow from SDS-Page points to a photo of a liquid chromatography mass spec machine and the letters under the photo LC-MS/MS. From here an arrow points up to a picture of a graph of results

Goal: To develop measurement characterization tools, methods, and algorithms to improve the accurate identification and analysis of small fragments or microscopic quantities of chemical or physical evidence.  

What is NIST doing? 


  • Evaluation of sources of variability in the µXRF analysis of small glass fragments (in collaboration with Dr. Tatiana Trejos at WVU)  

  • Validation of Novel Statistical Approaches for the Interpretation of Trace Evidence 

  •  Glass Analysis using LA-ICP-MS  


  • Develop a more comprehensive hair peptide spectral library for human identification  

Fire Debris  

  • Develop a portable headspace sampling unit and testing/optimization of adsorbent materials for forensic vapor sampling  

  • Develop rapid screening methods and sampling procedures for Ignitable Liquid Residues (ILR) analysis using QuickProbe  

Polymeric Material  

  • Trace Elemental Characterization of Polymeric Source Material used in 3D Printing by ICP-MS, LA-ICP-MS, LIBS, and µXRF  

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Fire Debris

Polymeric Material

Created September 21, 2022, Updated February 1, 2024