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Quality Assurance

5 green boxes around a blue circle with arrows pointing clockwise from box to box. Inside the boxes starting at the top and going clockwise are the words in white: Research & Development; New Test, Method, Instrument; Developmental Validation; Internal Verification; Routine Use. And in the blue circle in white it reads: RMs & Interlabs

Goal: To explore laboratory challenges and improve laboratory comparability, providing insight into method comparability and improved laboratory practices.


What is NIST doing? 

  • Exploring community needs
  • Identifying best practices for interlaboratory studies, including method performance studies, community performance studies and material characterization studies
  • Facilitating interlaboratory studies in various forensic science disciplines
    • Determining variability in seized drug screening methods, including ambient ionization mass spectrometry (AI-MS)
    • Determining variability in short tandem repeat (STR) profiling instruments
    • Characterization of error rates for face recognition approaches utilizing both algorithms and examiners

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Created September 21, 2022, Updated February 1, 2024