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Research Focus Areas

Maryam Abdur-Rahman

Maryam Abdur-Rahman pipettes methanol into her Cannabis sample to extract the THC. Credit: Brent Wilson/NIST

The Forensic Science Research Program accelerates the development of science-based measurement methods, standards, tools, and assessments to underpin reliable, accurate, interoperable, and validated forensic analysis.

Our objectives are to strengthen the quality and practice of forensic science by conducting impactful research and development; producing reference materials, data, and tools; creating guidelines and manuals; supporting method testing, evaluation, and validation; and fostering partnerships with forensic stakeholders.  

Focus Areas: 


Digital Evidence

Drugs and Toxicology

Evidential Statistics 

Firearms and Toolmarks

Forensic Genetics 

Forensic Science Quality Assurance

Trace Evidence




Forensic Science Research Program Manager

Created July 18, 2016, Updated January 26, 2023