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National Conference on Weights & Measures (NCWM) Related Reports

NCWM Annual Conference Reports

Editions: 103rd Meeting - SP 1238 (2018), 102nd Meeting - SP 1226 (2017), 101st Meeting - SP 1212 (2016), 100th Meeting - SP 1210 (2015), 99th Meeting - SP 1193 (2014), 98th Meeting - SP 1171 (2013), 97th Meeting - SP 1160 (2012), 96th Meeting - SP 1125 (2011), 95th Meeting - SP 1115 (2010), 94th Meeting - SP 1099 (2009), 93rd Meeting - SP 1080 (2008)

Note: Previous editions available upon request

SP 979: Reports of The National Conference on Weights and Measures 1905-2017

This is a searchable DVD that contains all of the National Conference on Weights and Measures Annual Reports from the first meeting in 1905 through the 2017 annual meeting. This DVD is available upon request from

Created December 15, 2010, Updated June 15, 2020