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NIST Handbook 130 - Current Edition

2023 NIST Handbook 130 Cover

Uniform Laws and Regulations in the Areas of Legal Metrology and Fuel Quality
Current Version - 2023

as adopted by the 107th National Conference on Weights and Measures 

Full Document DOCX | PDF

I. Introduction DOCX | PDF

II. Uniformity of Laws and Regulations & Summary of State Laws and Regulations in Weights and Measures DOCX | PDF

III. Uniform Laws

  • A. Uniform Weights and Measures Law DOCX | PDF
  • B. Uniform Weighmaster Law DOCX | PDF
  • C. Uniform Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Inspection Law DOCX | PDF

IV. Uniform Regulations

  • A. Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation DOCX | PDF
  • B. Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities DOCX | PDF
  • C. Uniform Unit Pricing Regulation DOCX | PDF
  • D. Uniform Regulation for the Voluntary Registration of Serviceperson and Service Agencies for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices DOCX | PDF
  • E. Uniform Regulation for National Type Evaluation DOCX | PDF
  • F. Uniform Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Regulation DOCX | PDF

V. Examination Procedure for Price Verification DOCX | PDF

VI. NCWM Policy, Interpretations, and Guidelines DOCX | PDF


Created November 30, 2021, Updated August 15, 2023