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DHS/NIST Workshop: Standards to Support an Enduring Capability in Wastewater Surveillance for Public Health

Wastewater surveillance is a promising approach to monitor biological and chemical contaminants on a community level, and has recently been shown effective for the early detection of SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks.  While much has been learned in the past year, much work remains to establish an enduring capability for wastewater surveillance poised to address new targets as they emerge.  The goal of this workshop is to identify and prioritize standards needs and technology/measurement gaps and propose a potential path forward to develop standards that enable a robust, comparable wastewater surveillance capability.  Topics to be discussed include lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic response, the state of the art in measurement science and technology for the entire wastewater surveillance workflow, and challenges in achieving comparable wastewater surveillance results across locations. Stakeholder input will inform future standards development activities, including consensus-based documentary standards, reference methods and protocols, and reference materials, and ensure that efforts are fit for purpose and aligned with the needs of the community.   Ultimately, these standards will help to provide a foundation for communities and organizations to have increased confidence in wastewater surveillance results to better inform public health and safety decisions across the nation. This workshop is recommended for participants involved in all aspects of wastewater surveillance from sampling to results/reporting, including those from government, public health, testing and manufacturing, academia, and non-profit organizations.

Organizing committee

  • Kent Brinn, Army Public Health Center
  • Mike Focazio, United States Geological Survey
  • Sally Gutierrez, EPA
  • Scott Jackson, NIST
  • Nancy Lin, NIST
  • Katrice Lippa, NIST
  • Phil Mattson, DHS S&T
  • Yonas Nebiyeloul-Kifle, DHS S&T
  • Ted Smith, University of Louisville
  • Renee Stevens, DHS S&T
  • Paul Storella, AECOM
  • Sarah Wright, Association of Public Health Laboratories
    Created April 30, 2021, Updated May 3, 2021