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Nanomechanical Properties Group

The Nanomechanical Properties Group develops and provides mechanical measurement science, measurement standards, and measurement technology needed by U.S. industry to better apply materials and components in nanomechanical applications.

Nanomechanical Properties

The Group's primary activities are carried out in three main project areas:

Scanning Probe Microscopy Measurements and Standards

Our goal is to develop standard reference materials and quantitative, reproducible, measurement methods and protocols for scanning probe microscopes, to enable accurate dimensional, force, and material property measurements at the nanoscale. Click here to learn more.

Nanoscale Strength Measurements and Standards

We strive to develop new mechanical test structures and methodologies based on microfabrication methods and carefully controlled and highly sensitive instrumentation for accurate mechanical property measurements. Click here to learn more.

Nanoscale Stress Measurements and Standards

Our objective is to develop accurate measurement methods for the nanoscale stress distributions and surface defects that control device performance and reliability (performance over service life) in microelectronic and micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS). Click here to learn more.


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