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Standard Guides and Protocols

BBD staff actively participate in and lead the development of Documentary Standards through standards developing organizations (SDOs). NIST administers and chairs the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO/TC 276: Biotechnology. 

We engage with the following standards organizations and committees in the biosciences and health sectors. ​​​​

  • ISO/TC 229: Nanotechnology
  • ISO/TC 276: Biotechnology
  • ISO/TC 106: Dentistry
  • ASTM F04
  • ASTM E54: Homeland Security 
  • PDA: Cell Transportation
  • CLSI: Clinical Standards
  • ATCC: Cell Line Authentication

We also coordinate standards development with professional societies and other organizations such as USP, ISCT, ASGCT, AABB, and FACTS.

The below content is for information only; it does not imply endorsement by NIST.



Regenerative Medicine

Nano-Environmental Health and Safety

Flow Cytometry



Created April 3, 2016, Updated February 20, 2020