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Engineering Laboratory Staff Directory

Engineering Laboratory Office (730)
Dr. Joannie W. Chin (Acting) Director 301-975-6815
Tricia Faccone Executive Assistant to the Director 301-975-5900
Al Wavering (Acting) Deputy Director 301-975-3418
Elizabeth Loveless Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director 301-975-3401


Engineering Laboratory Office – HQ (730.00)
Kirk Dohne Associate Director 301-975-8480
Millie Glick Senior Operations Advisor 301-975-5962
Christie Rice (Acting) Senior Management Advisor 301-975-8160



Applied Economics Office (730.01)
Dr. David Butry Chief 301-975-6136
Donna Ramkissoon Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-2126



Engineering Laboratory Data, Security, & Technology Laboratory (730.03)
Carolyn D. Rowland Leader, Supervisory Computer Scientist 301-975-3844
Serena Martinez Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6132



Smart Grid Program Office (730.04)
Chris Greer Director of the Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical
Systems Program Office and National Coordinator
for Smart Grid Interoperability
Dave Wollman   Deputy Director of the Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical
Systems Program Office
Konstantina Di Menza  Executive Assistant 301-975-5987



Materials and Structural Systems Division (731)
Jason D. Averill Division Chief 301-975-2585

Dr. Kenneth A. Snyder

Deputy Division Chief 301-975-4260
Gwynaeth Broome Acting Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6707
Dr.  Judith Mitrani-Reiser Director of Disaster and Failure Studies Program 301-975-0684
Scott Weaver Director of the National Windstorm Impact Reduction
Program (NWIRP)
Dr. Steven McCabe Director of National Earthquake Hazards Reduction
Program Office (NEHRP)



Energy and Environment Division (732)
Dr. Andrew K. Persily Division Chief 301-975-6418
David Yashar  Deputy Division Chief  301-975-5968
Sandra K. Heckman Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-5916



Fire Research Division (733)
Nelson P. Bryner Division Chief 301-975-6868
Dr. Jiann C. Yang Deputy Division Chief 301-975-6662
Carla S. (Sue) Haga Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6689



Systems Integration Division (734)
Moneer Helu Acting Division Chief 301-975-3508
Simon Frechette Deputy Division Chief 301-975-3508
Jo-Anne Fung-A-Fat Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-3508



Intelligent Systems Division (735)
Kevin Jurrens (Acting) Division Chief 301-975-3418
  Deputy Division Chief 301-975-3418
Beth Moylan Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-3418


Complete Engineering Laboratory Staff Listing


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Created August 27, 2010, Updated March 26, 2021