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Engineering Laboratory Staff Directory


Engineering Laboratory Office (730)
Dr. Joannie W. Chin Director 301-975-5900                         
Jason Averill Deputy Director 301-975-2585
elizabeth.loveless [at] (Elizabeth Loveless) Executive Assistant 301-975-5900
Engineering Laboratory Office – HQ (730.00)
kirk.dohne [at] (Kirk Dohne) Associate Director 301-975-8480
millie.glick [at] (Millie Glick) Senior Operations Advisor 301-975-5962
melissa.logan [at] (Melissa Logan) Senior Management Advisor 301-975-3445
Applied Economics Office (730.01)
Dr. David Butry Chief 301-975-6136
Danny Castillo Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-2126
Engineering Laboratory Data, Security, & Technology Laboratory (730.03)
Carolyn D. Rowland Leader, Supervisory Computer Scientist 301-975-3844
serena.martinez [at] (Serena Martinez ) Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6132
Materials and Structural Systems Division (731)
Therese McAllister  (Acting) Division Chief 301-975-6078
Dr. Kenneth A. Snyder Deputy Division Chief 301-975-4260
Gwynaeth Broome Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6707
Tanya Brown-Giammanco Director of Disaster and Failure Studies Program 301-975-0684
James LaDue  (Acting) Director of the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Program (NWIRP) 301-975-5983
John Harris Director of National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Office (NEHRP) 301-975-8549
Energy and Environment Division (732)
William Healy Division Chief 301-975-4922
david.yashar [at] (David Yashar ) Deputy Division Chief  301-975-5968
sandra.heckman [at] (Sandra K. Heckman) Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-5916
Fire Research Division (733)
Matthew Hoehler Division Chief 301-975-8517
Dr. Jiann C. Yang Deputy Division Chief 301-975-6662
Carla S. (Sue) Haga Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6689
Systems Integration Division (734)
Simon Frechette (Acting) Division Chief 301-975-3508
Yan Lu  Deputy Division Chief 301-975-8228
Karen Garcia Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-3508
Intelligent Systems Division (735)
Kevin Jurrens Division Chief 301-975-3418
Vacant Deputy Division Chief 301-975-3418
Stephanie Dowling Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-3235

Complete Engineering Laboratory Staff Listing


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Created August 27, 2010, Updated December 5, 2023