Applied Economics Office

The Applied Economics Office (AEO), a part of the Engineering Laboratory (EL) at NIST, provides economic products and services through research and consulting to industry and government agencies in support of productivity enhancement, economic growth, and international competitiveness, with a focus on improving the life-cycle quality and economy of constructed facilities and manufacturing teams with engineers and scientists from EL and NIST at la

The focus of AEO's research and technical assistance is microeconomic analysis. The AEO provides information to decision makers in the public and private sectors who require advancements in measurement science in the areas of sustainability, energy conservation, community disaster resilience, construction, manufacturing, and safety. It also develops and conducts prototype training programs in applied economics for scientists and engineers.

Topic: Building Economics


Applied Economics Office (730.01) Staff Directory
Dr. David Butry Chief 301-975-6136
Emily Luce Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-5403
Dr. Stanley W. Gilbert Economist 301-975-5261
Dr. Jennifer F. Helgeson Economist 301-975-6133
Anand Kandaswamy Economist 301-975-4804
Dr. Joshua D. Kneifel Economist 301-975-6857
Priya D. Lavappa Information Technology Specialist 301-975-4522
Douglas S. Thomas Economist 301-975-4918
David Webb Engineer 301-975-2644
Dr. Juan Fung Economist 301-975-0484
Dr. Cheyney O'Fallon Economist 301-975-6481
Shannon Craig Engineer 301-975-6857
Dr. Eric O'Rear Economist 301-975-4570


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