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Software Tools

Applied Economics in US Manufacturing

Assembly Plant
Photo Credit: The Chrysler 200 Factory Tour, an interactive online experience using Google Maps Business View technology, takes consumers inside the new 5-million-square-foot Sterling Heights Assembly Plant for a behind-the-scenes peek at how the 2015 Chrysler 200 is built.

CostGuide - Metal Plate


MCG for Supply Chain Statistics

The Manufacturing Cost Guide (MCG) is a tool that estimates industry statistics for the manufacturing supply chain based on economic input-output analysis. It allows users to estimate value added for an industry and its supply chain. For example, a user could estimate the supply chain components of the automobile manufacturing, which would estimate the value added from all the other industries that is used by the automobile manufacturing industry. The tool also estimates the types of labor that are used, compensation, environmental impact, energy use, and assets in the supply chain.


Monte Carlo


Monte Carlo Tool

This tool makes simulation simple. It is used to implement Monte Carlo analysis, which uses probabilistic sensitivity analysis to account for uncertainty. This tool is developed to follow the simulation segment of ASTM E1369.


SI Tool

Smart Investment Tool

This Excel tool implements the methods discussed in NIST Advanced Manufacturing Series 200-5, which is a guide to Investment analysis. The tool implements the following methods:

  • Discounting: the process of adjusting future values to present value terms
  • Present value: the adjusted value of future cash flows
  • Net present value: the difference between the present value of all cash inflows and the present value of all cash outflows over the period of the investment.
  • Internal rate of return: a rate of return calculated as the discount rate at which the net present value is zero
  • Payback period: the time required to recoup an investment
  • Sensitivity analysis using Monte Carlo techniques: a probabilistic sensitivity analysis that randomly samples from probabilities for a selection of input variables


Created January 24, 2020, Updated November 7, 2023