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Douglas Thomas


Douglas S Thomas is an economist in the Applied Economics Office at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. His work focuses on manufacturing industry costs, risks, and economic decision making. This work utilizes input-output analysis, econometrics, and survey techniques to measure costs and risks faced by manufacturing establishments. The results guide both manufacturers and research organizations in identifying high cost/loss areas of manufacturing that might have a high return when investing in research. This work also includes developing methods for economic decision making to answer questions such as, “if I have 5 potential investments, but can only afford two, which two should I select.” In addition to being published in journals, books, and reports, Thomas is working to incorporate this work into a series of software tools to guide both manufacturers and industry researchers in identifying investments with the potential of having a high return. Much of this work is available on our Applied Economics in US Manufacturing web page


New Tool to Account for Uncertainty

Cost examinations often run into the challenge of data uncertainty, where variables in the calculation (e.g., price of gasoline) will fluctuate over the study


Annual Manufacturing Review: 2019

Douglas S. Thomas
This report provides an overview of the US manufacturing industry. There are three aspects of US manufacturing that are considered: (1) how the US industry
Created May 31, 2018, Updated May 23, 2019