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Yan Lu (Fed)

Information Modeling and Testing Group Leader

Dr. Yan Lu is a member of the System Integration Division at the Engineering Lab. Her research interests at NIST include additive manufacturing data registration, data integration and fusion, and smart manufacturing system information modeling and integration architecture. 

Before joining NIST, Dr. Lu was the head of Grid Automation and Production Operation and Optimization Research Group at Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology. With Siemens, she has led and successfully delivered tens of million dollars of corporate funded and government funded research projects in the areas of survivable control systems, energy automation and building energy management systems. She has published more than 100 peer reviewed journal and conference papers and was granted more than 15 patents in industry and building automation technology. Dr. Lu also worked for Seagate Research Center for two years on developing hard disk drive servo control.


2021  DOC Bronze Medal - For the development of an additive manufacturing materials database and data portal.

2021  ASME CIE Technical Committee Leadership Award - For the outstanding leadership in the technical areas of systems Engineering, information & knowledge Management.

2020  EL Mentoring Award - For outstanding and ongoing mentorship for the next generation of manufacturing researchers.

2020  NIST Special Act Award - For acting as a group leader for SID IMT Group for FY19.

2019  IEC 1906 Award - In recognition of significant contributions in the field of Smart Manufacturing and leadership in JWG 1.

2019  EL Communication Award - For the NIST publication “Current Standards Landscape for Smart Manufacturing Systems.”

2016  Best Paper Award – SES World Standards Day Paper Competition - For the paper titled “Building Connections through Standards Landscaping.”


Created May 31, 2018, Updated December 8, 2022