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Workforce Development


A skilled and diverse pipeline of workers is critical to building a sustainable domestic semiconductor industry and to achieving the CHIPS Act economic and national security goals. As such, workforce development is a priority across both the CHIPS Incentives and Research and Development programs. Specifically, the CHIPS Act investments will build a domestic semiconductor workforce by:  

A man and a woman work together in a computer lab
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  • Investing in Manufacturing Facilities: Provide funding for the construction, expansion, and modernization of manufacturing facilities which will create new job opportunities for construction workers, technicians, engineers, and other occupations at multiple skill levels.  
  • Partnering with Industry and Education and Training Providers: Collaboration between education and training providers and the semiconductor industry will ensure that education and training programs are aligned with industry needs and that students are well-prepared to fill in-demand roles.  
  • Supporting Semiconductor Education and Training: Support semiconductor-related skills development throughout the entire education and training system—from K-12 schools and career technical education programs through community colleges and universities. Provide experiential and practical learning opportunities for students and researchers. Offer supportive services to improve access to education and training opportunities for all Americans and increase diversity in the semiconductor workforce. 
  • Fueling Research and Development: Increased funding for semiconductor R&D will lead to the discovery and development of new products and technologies. This will help to create more job opportunities and help to attract more workers to the field.  

The CHIPS Act offers a unique and historic opportunity to expand the nation’s capacity for semiconductor production as well as to prepare the American workforce for good jobs in advanced manufacturing and engineering.    

The success of CHIPS for America will require collaboration between businesses, governments, education and training providers, economic and workforce development organizations, unions, community-based organizations, and other supporting organizations to help recruit, train, hire, and retain a highly-skilled semiconductor and construction workforce. CHIPS investments will create good jobs in communities around the country and expand economic opportunities for individuals and populations from historically underserved communities, including women, people of color, workers in rural areas, and veterans. 

Learn more about workforce development and the first CHIPS Notice of Funding Opportunity from this fact sheet.

Created February 7, 2023, Updated March 25, 2024