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Notice of Funding Opportunity: Small-Scale Supplier Projects

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On September 29, 2023, CHIPS for America released its second funding opportunity to strengthen the resilience of the semiconductor supply chain, advance U.S. technology leadership, and support vibrant domestic semiconductor clusters. This funding opportunity seeks applications for projects for the construction, expansion, or modernization of commercial facilities for semiconductor materials and manufacturing equipment with capital investments less than $300 million. 

This funding opportunity builds upon for the Department’s announcement in June 2023 that expanded funding to larger supply chain projects as part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s strategic vision to strengthen the semiconductor supply chain through CHIPS for America investments. supply chain applicants play a vital role in producing the inputs necessary for producing semiconductors in the United States, support our domestic manufacturing ecosystem, and create jobs and opportunities in communities across the country. 

The application process includes two primary phases. In the first phase, applicants will be asked to submit a concept plan describing how their proposed project addresses core program priorities. Concept plans will be accepted between December 1, 2023, and February 1, 2024. The Department will then invite the most promising applicants to the second phase, where they will have the opportunity to submit a full application.

Through this funding opportunity, the Department is particularly interested in applications that advance clusters by closing critical gaps in the U.S. supplier landscape. If a project does not support a cluster, the application must make a compelling case for advancing one of the Department’s other two objectives.

Read the full Small-Scale Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF) for more information. 

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Created September 28, 2023, Updated May 15, 2024