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Applied Cybersecurity Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kevin Stine Division Chief kevin.stine [at] Fed
Tim McBride Deputy Division Chief timothy.mcbride [at] Fed
Katie MacFarland Division Secretary katie.macfarland [at] Fed

Applied Cybersecurity - HQ

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Rodney Petersen Director rodney.petersen [at] Fed
Calvin Watson Group Office Manager calvin.watson [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Susana Barraza susana.barraza [at] Fed
Matthew Barrett matthew.barrett [at] Assoc
Caron Carlson caron.carlson [at] Fed
Matthew Heyman matthew.heyman [at] Assoc
Caroline Kinyanjui caroline.kinyanjui [at] IntlAssoc
Connie LaSalle [at] Fed
Katie MacFarland katie.macfarland [at] Fed
Natalia Martin natalia.martin [at] Fed
Tim McBride timothy.mcbride [at] Fed
Marian Merritt marian.merritt [at] Fed
Cherilyn Pascoe cherilyn.pascoe [at] Fed
Rodney Petersen rodney.petersen [at] Fed
Michael Prebil michael.prebil [at] Fed
Davina Pruitt-Mentle davina.pruitt-mentle [at] Fed
Jennifer Reidy jennifer.reidy [at] Ctr
Kristina Rigopoulos kristina.rigopoulos [at] Fed
Warren Salisbury warren.salisbury [at] Ctr
Danielle Santos danielle.santos [at] Fed
Asiya Siddiqui asiya.siddiqui [at] Ctr
Kevin Stine kevin.stine [at] Fed
Jay Thomson jay.thomson [at] Fed
Calvin Watson calvin.watson [at] Fed
Karen Wetzel karen.wetzel [at] Fed

Cybersecurity and Privacy Applications Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nelson Hastings Group Leader nelson.hastings [at] Fed
Katie MacFarland Group Office Manager (Acting) katie.macfarland [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Christine Abruzzi christine.abruzzi [at] Ctr
Meghan Anderson meghan.anderson [at] Fed
Katie Boeckl kaitlin.boeckl [at] Fed
Kevin Gerard Brady kevin.g.brady [at] Fed
Jeffrey Cichonski jeffrey.cichonski [at] Fed
Barbara Bell Cuthill barbara.cuthill [at] Fed
David Darais david.darais [at] Ctr
Michael Fagan michael.fagan [at] Fed
James Fenton james.fenton [at] Assoc
Ryan Galluzzo ryan.galluzzo [at] Fed
Dylan Gilbert dylan.gilbert [at] Fed
Nakia R. Grayson nakia.grayson [at] Fed
Nelson Hastings nelson.hastings [at] Fed
Noel Hoehn noel.hoehn [at] Assoc
Gema Howell gema.howell [at] Fed
Vincent Johnson vincent.m.johnson [at] Ctr
Naomi Lefkovitz naomi.lefkovitz [at] Fed
David Lemire Ctr
Amy Mahn amy.mahn [at] Fed
Jeffrey Marron jeffrey.marron [at] Fed
Katerina Megas katerina.megas [at] Fed
Joseph Near joseph.near [at] Ctr
Michael Ogata michael.ogata [at] Fed
Evelyn Petrella evelyn.petrella [at] Ctr
LaKia Phillips lakia.phillips [at] Ctr
Matthew Smith matthew.c.smith [at] Assoc
Wendy Szwerc wendy.szwerc [at] Ctr
David Temoshok david.temoshok [at] Fed
Daniel Topper daniel.topper [at] Ctr
Otily Toutsop otily.toutsop [at] IntlAssoc
Paul Watrobski paul.watrobski [at] Fed

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Natalia Martin Deputy Director natalia.martin [at] Fed
Natalia Martin Director (Acting) natalia.martin [at] Fed
Keri Bray Group Office Manager keri.bray [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Brian Abe brian.abe [at] Ctr
Lauren Acierto lauren.acierto [at] Ctr
Jason Ajmo jason.ajmo [at] Ctr
Mehwish Akram mehwish.akram [at] Ctr
Masood Ali masood.ali [at] Ctr
Daniel Apon daniel.apon [at] Ctr
Sudha Ayyangar sudha.ayyangar [at] Ctr
Alexander Bang alexander.bang [at] Ctr
Samuel Birru samuel.birru [at] Assoc
Keri Bray keri.bray [at] Fed
Chris J. Brown christopher.j.brown [at] Ctr
Cassandra Browning cassandra.browning [at] Ctr
Joseph Brule joseph.brule [at] Ctr
Frederick R. Byers frederick.byers [at] Fed
Dia Campbell dia.campbell [at] Fed
Deborah Chamlee deborah.chamlee [at] Ctr
Michael Chisholm Ctr
Olutoyin Cole olutoyin.cole [at] Ctr
Aaron Cook aaron.cook [at] Ctr
Timothy Czakoczi timothy.czakoczi [at] Fed
Chelsea Deane chelsea.deane [at] Ctr
Surajit Dey surajit.dey [at] Ctr
Vibha Dhawan vibha.dhawan [at] Ctr
Michael Dimond michael.dimond [at] Ctr
Alan Dinerman alan.dinerman [at] Ctr
Spike Dog [at] Ctr
Ilayda Dogan ilayda.dogan [at] Assoc
John Dombrowski john.dombrowski [at] Ctr
Sallie Edwards sallie.edwards [at] Ctr
Michael Ekstrom michael.ekstrom [at] Ctr
Daniel Eliot daniel.eliot [at] Ctr
Vahid Esfahani vahid.esfahani [at] Ctr
Don Faatz donald.faatz [at] Ctr
Oluseyi Fashina oluseyi.fashina [at] Ctr
Jeffrey Finke jeffery.finke [at] Ctr
Bill Fisher william.fisher [at] Fed
Ann-Marie France ann-marie.france [at] Ctr
Ayayidjin Gabiam ayayidjin.gabiam [at] Ctr
Teia Gatling teia.gatling [at] Ctr
James Glasbrenner james.glasbrenner [at] Ctr
Parisa Grayeli parisa.grayeli [at] Ctr
Samuel Gribble Ctr
Michael Hadjimichael michael.hadjimichael [at] Ctr
Andrew Hand andrew.hand [at] Ctr
Rosa Heckle rosa.heckle [at] Ctr
Bronwyn Hodges bronwyn.hodges [at] Ctr
John Hoyt john.hoyt [at] Ctr
Howard Huang howard.huang [at] Ctr
Joseph Hunt joseph.hunt [at] Ctr
Jason Hurlburt jason.hurlburt [at] Ctr
Nedu Irrechukwu chinedum.irrechukwu [at] Ctr
Farhang Javar farhang.javar [at] Ctr
Andrew Keller andrew.keller [at] Ctr
John Kent john.kent [at] Ctr
Alper Kerman alper.kerman [at] Fed
Gini Khalsa gurmindersingh.khalsa [at] Fed
Joseph Klein joseph.klein [at] Ctr
Joshua Klosterman joshua.klosterman [at] Ctr
Dmitriy Kokiyelov dmitriy.kokiyelov [at] Ctr
Kenneth Kreider kenneth.b.kreider [at] Ctr
Jeffrey Laclair jeffrey.laclair [at] Ctr
Kaitlyn Laohoo kaitlyn.laohoo [at] Ctr
Stacey Lawson stacey.lawson [at] Ctr
Jolene Loveless jolene.loveless [at] Ctr
Lauren Lusty lauren.lusty [at] Ctr
Chana Mahl-Simmons chana.mahl-simmons [at] Ctr
Daniel Mamula daniel.mamula [at] Ctr
Leilani Martinez leilani.martinez [at] Fed
James McCarthy james.mccarthy [at] Fed
Jeremiah McGee jeremiah.mcgee [at] Ctr
Neil McNab neil.mcnab [at] Ctr
Karri Meldorf karri.meldorf [at] Ctr
Blaine Mulugeta blaine.mulugeta [at] Ctr
Rachel Murphy rachel.murphy [at] Ctr
Burak Muslu burak.muslu [at] Ctr
Nidhi Nagashankar nidhi.nagashankar [at] Assoc
Bill Newhouse william.newhouse [at] Fed
Alina Nikitina alina.nikitina [at] Assoc
Jasmine OHannon jasmine.ohannon [at] Ctr
Regina Oliver Ctr
Bruce Patterson bruce.patterson [at] Ctr
Chris Peloquin christopher.peloquin [at] Ctr
Michael Powell michael.powell [at] Fed
Ronald Pulivarti ronald.pulivarti [at] Fed
Mary Raguso mary.raguso [at] Ctr
Hunter Ramsey hunter.ramsey [at] Ctr
Charles Rearick charles.rearick [at] Ctr
Daniel Rebori-Carretero daniel.rebori-carretero [at] Ctr
Maria Rodriguez Ctr
Paul Rowe paul.rowe [at] Ctr
Faith Ryan faith.ryan [at] Ctr
Yousaf Salim yousaf.salim [at] Ctr
Kenneth Sandlin kenneth.sandlin [at] Ctr
Stephanie Saravia stephanie.saravia [at] Ctr
Julian Sexton julian.sexton [at] Ctr
Sanjeev Sharma sanjeev.sharma [at] Ctr
Aslam Sherule aslam.sherule [at] Ctr
Cardozo Shu cardozo.shu [at] Ctr
Ali Siddiqui ali.siddiqui [at] Ctr
Harmeet Singh Assoc
Oksana Slivina oksana.slivina [at] Ctr
Julie Snyder julie.snyder [at] Ctr
Karen Staley karen.staley [at] Fed
Robert Stea robert.stea [at] Ctr
Julie Steinke julie.steinke [at] Ctr
Theresa Suloway theresa.suloway [at] Ctr
Lauren Swan lauren.swan [at] Ctr
John Sweetnam john.sweetnam [at] Ctr
Susan Symington susan.symington [at] Ctr
Allen Tan allen.tan [at] Ctr
Charles Teague charles.teague [at] Ctr
Teresa Thomas teresa.thomas [at] Ctr
Michael R. Thompson michael.r.thompson [at] Ctr
Sudhi Umarji sudhindra.umarji [at] Ctr
Nikolas Urlaub nikolas.urlaub [at] Ctr
Simon Vinyo simon.vinyo [at] Ctr
Kyle Vitale kyle.vitale [at] Ctr
Kevin Wafula kevin.wafula [at] Ctr
Lindsey Walter [at] Assoc
Thomas Walters thomas.walters [at] Ctr
Jessica Walton jessica.walton [at] Ctr
Sue Shuqiu Wang [at] Ctr
David Weitzel david.weitzel [at] Ctr
Chalessa White chalessa.white [at] Ctr
Lynette Wilcox lynette.wilcox [at] Ctr
Jayden Williams jayden.williams [at] Assoc
Ryan Williams Ctr
Johnathan Wiltberger johnathan.wiltberger [at] Ctr
Kangmin Zheng kangmin.zheng [at] Ctr
Hannah Zook hannah.zook [at] Assoc