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Cybersecurity and Privacy Applications Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Naomi Lefkovitz Group Leader (Acting) naomi.lefkovitz [at] Fed
Katie MacFarland Group Office Manager (Acting) katie.macfarland [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Christine Abruzzi christine.abruzzi [at] Ctr
Meghan Anderson meghan.anderson [at] Fed
Kevin Gerard Brady kevin.g.brady [at] Fed
Jeffrey Cichonski jeffrey.cichonski [at] Fed
Barbara Bell Cuthill barbara.cuthill [at] Fed
David Darais Ctr
Michael Fagan michael.fagan [at] Fed
James Fenton james.fenton [at] Assoc
Ryan Galluzzo ryan.galluzzo [at] Fed
Dylan Gilbert dylan.gilbert [at] Fed
Nakia R. Grayson nakia.grayson [at] Fed
Nelson Hastings nelson.hastings [at] Fed
Noel Hoehn noel.hoehn [at] Assoc
Gema Howell gema.howell [at] Fed
Vincent Johnson vincent.m.johnson [at] Ctr
Naomi Lefkovitz naomi.lefkovitz [at] Fed
David Lemire david.lemire [at] Ctr
Amy Mahn amy.mahn [at] Fed
Jeffrey Marron jeffrey.marron [at] Fed
Katerina Megas katerina.megas [at] Fed
Joseph Near Ctr
Michael Ogata michael.ogata [at] Fed
Evelyn Petrella evelyn.petrella [at] Ctr
Matthew Smith matthew.c.smith [at] Assoc
Wendy Szwerc wendy.szwerc [at] Ctr
David Temoshok david.temoshok [at] Fed
Daniel Topper daniel.topper [at] Ctr
Otily Toutsop otily.toutsop [at] IntlAssoc
Paul Watrobski paul.watrobski [at] Fed